Summer Camp

The Montessori School Preschool at PGA National is a year-round school and open in the summer for summer camp. Our program in the summer is called, “Summer School/Camp.” We reinforce the academics so children won’t forget and also have fun camp activities (Themes, Splash Day, and limited Field Trips). The reasons to conduct Summer School/Camp are many:

  1. After the end of the academic year, the children need continuity in education and child development.
  2. The Summer Camp Program includes a curriculum of activities which are both fun to do and learn.
  3. Emphasis on Science Projects, History, Geography Projects, and Math, in addition to relevant Field Trips, are included in the Summer School/Camp Program. A “hands-on experience” is included in the Summer School/Camp Program. From birth to 6 years of age is considered to be the “Sensorial Period” where 65% of the child’s intelligence is formed.
  4. Research has shown that during the summer, a child will lose 35% of what they have learned during the Academic School Year if the basics are not reinforced. This daily reinforcement alone will give your child an advantage for the following academic year.

The school offers half days and full days year round.

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