12 Months+ School Program

(12 Months to Pre-K Up to 4+Years)
Characteristics of the classroom have exercises which include bead stringing, rolling rugs and working with knobbed puzzles and very basic Montessori equipment designed to heighten a child’s senses at their levels. The environment also includes practical life exercises, such as pouring, sweeping and dusting, buttoning and zippering on frames, dish washing and table setting.

The children are given the fundamentals of grace and courtesy along with an appreciation of caring for themselves, their environment, and other people. The purposeful way the program accomplishes its goals makes it a unique experience for the child.

Practical Life Experiences
A child derives immense satisfaction and benefit from doing things for himself. He develops independence, self-control, coordination, and concentration.

Self Care
Washing hands properly, combing hair, buttoning, zipping, tying, polishing shoes, and putting on and taking off jackets are taught.

Activities such as planting seeds and identifying parts of a flower give the child opportunities for further investigation of their environment. Children will be planting indoors in our Science Lab and outdoors in our Garden Center. Gardening promotes responsible stewardship of the Earth.

Care of a Home Environment
The child learns dusting, polishing, setting tables, watering plants, washing dishes, ETC.

Grace and Courtesy
The child learns external acts which allow social life to run smoothly; for example, how to apologize for simple offenses, or how to hand objects to another person.

Sensorial Exercises
It is through the use of the senses that a young child explores his environment. In this way, the child stores operational ideas upon which abstract functioning is founded. Montessori materials provide an opportunity for refining the senses through clarification and classification. The materials provided are objects grouped according to a definite quality and graduation. The child sees the proper sequence of objects, the mixing of them, and the restoration to their order sequence again.

Language: English and Spanish
Opportunities for learning, speaking, reading, and writing are offered to the children in English and Spanish. They are introduced to letters through sight, sound, and touch. Feeling the textured shape of sandpaper letters helps fix them in the child’s mind. Vocabulary enrichment and pencil control for developing writing abilities are both vital parts of the language program.

Physical Education
This is a very important part of the physical and mental development of each of our children.

Beginning with concepts of numbers, ascending and descending order, geometric shapes, and progressing one step at a time, the child forms a sound background for arithmetic, geometry, and algebra.

Geography & History
Geographic models, puzzles, time lines, information boxes, and cards are just a few of the materials used in these areas.

Science allows children to explore the world around them. It enhances a child’s observation and processing skills. Many studies have concluded that science helps a child develop appropriate critical thinking that leads to incisive questioning. Our program introduces children to space exploration, dinosaurs, ocean life, as well as many other themes taught in our own unique science laboratory.

Appreciation, rhythmic sense, and tone recognition are developed through special materials, games, singing, and records. Piano is offered as an extracurricular activity.

The child’s creative expression is encouraged by exposing them to a wide variety of artistic media including painting and crafting. Students also perform in plays and do musical concerts throughout the year.

Foreign Language
Spanish is part of our daily curriculum and other languages are introduced by song, poetry, and books. Children who learn a second language demonstrate improved problem-solving skills and overall school performance.

When age appropriate, children are introduced to basic computer skills. The student learns typing skills and advances at their own pace from our library of programs.